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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


If you are looking for a therapist, I assume it's because you are unhappy with some part of yourself: your life, your career, your relationships, the way you feel about yourself. The unhappiness can take many forms. You may feel depressed, or scared, or worried, or guilty,or angry, or ashamed. My forte is psychodynamic psychotherapy, an approach based on the assumption that beneath the bad feelings that you are aware of, there is a network of other feelings, desires, ways of relating, wishes, dreams, aspirations, and standards, operating out of your awareness and therefore out of your control. In dynamic psychotherapy, the goal is to help you understand those deeper feelings, see how they are interfering with your well-being, accept them as part of yourself, and, above all, after seeing and understanding, to help you change them. 

It's hard work. You're not aware of those deeper feelings because you don't want to be. They are deeply painful, and it seems easier to just ignore them. But to really master them, you have to know them. In my experience, this kind of therapy is almost always helpful, and it may be the only approach to making deep character changes that really works. For more information about what the experience is like, I encourage you to click on "Common Questions" on the left.

For a little more information about me, click on "About Me". If you want to explore your personal situation further, or to discuss anything related to therapy or emotional health, feel free to give me a call. Good luck with your search!

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