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In Brief: I'm in the private practice of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis in Center City, Philadelphia, PA. I work with patients who have all kinds of emotional or relationship problems. Although I use a variety of modalities of therapy, my favorite, and the one in which I have had the most extensive experience, is psychodynamic psychotherapy, supplemented, if needed, with medication. I received my analytic training with the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia (PCoP), and have been a Training and Supervising Analyst for many years. In addition to my clinical practice, I do a lot of teaching. I'm a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and teach psychodynamic technique to the Penn residents in training to become psychiatrists, as well as to the candidates at PCoP in training to become psychoanalysts. Finally, I teach and supervise a variety of Mental Health Professionals who seek me out for their Continuing Education.

Here's my Curriculum Vitae, which probably contains more about me than you really want to know:

Sydney E. Pulver, M.D.

Home Address: 1512 Spruce Street, Apt. 102
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Office Address: 255 South 17th Street, Suite 1504
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-545-7717
Email: [email protected]
1947-49 B.S. Pennsylvania State University (Pre-Med)
1949-53 M.D. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments:
1953-54 Internship in Medicine, Philadelphia General Hospital
1954-57 Residency in Psychiatry, Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1959-66 Psychoanalytic Training, Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute
Military Service:
1945-47 United States Army, 2nd Lieutenant, Infantry
Faculty Appointments: University of Pennsylvania

Hospital and Administrative Appointments:
1956-57 Research Fellow, Philadelphia General Hospital
1956-57 Director of Somatic Therapy, Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1957-62 Assistant Chief of Psychiatry, Philadelphia General Hospital
1957-64 Staff Psychiatrist, Department of Research,
Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1959-75 Director, Course on Medical Hypnosis,
Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1962-66 Chief of Section in Psychiatry, Philadelphia General Hospital
1964-97 Senior Attending Staff, Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1964-81 Director, Physician Education Project,
Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1981-83 Medical Director, Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
Other Appointments:

Specialty Certification:
1959 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
1953- Pennsylvania
Awards, Honors and Membership in Honorary Societies:
1949 Phi Kappa Phi
1952 Alpha Omega Alpha
1974 Earl D. Bond Award, Department of Psychiatry,
University of Pennsylvania Medical School
1977 - Richard B. Lower Memorial Prize, Philadelphia
Psychoanalytic Society
1979 Special Teaching Award, Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1981 Excellence in Teaching Award, Institute of Pennsylvania
Hospital (David A. Woodward Award)
1984 Excellence in Teaching Award, Institute of Pennsylvania
Hospital (David A. Woodward Award)
1989 Dean's Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching,
School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
1991 Herman Belmont, MD Faculty Award, Hahnemann Psychiatry
Memberships in Professional and Scientific Societies and Other Professional Activities: (Including offices held):


Sydney E. Pulver, M.D. Page 3

International Psychoanalytic Association
1966- Member
1974-81 Committee on Psychoanalytic Practice
1975-81 Program Committee
1976-77 Chair, Subcommittee on Programs for Allied Disciplines
1978-81 Chair, Program Committee
1978-81 Committee on Continuing Education
1982-83 Search Committee for the Editor of the Journal of the American Psychoanlytic Association
1992-95 Program Committee
1997- Board of Directors, Fund for Psychoanalytic Research
American Psychiatric Society
1957- Member
1964-70 Committee on Psychiatry and Medical Practice
1978-81 Committee on Continuing Education


Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Foundation
1988-2003 Board of Directors
1990-2003 President
Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute
1959-66 Psychoanalytic Training
1969- Faculty
1970- Curriculum-Faculty Committee
1970- Education Committee
Sydney E. Pulver, M.D. Page 4
1981- Training & Supervising Analyst
1992-88 Associate Director and Chair, Student Matters Committee
1988-2001 Admissions Committee
Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia
1966- Member
1972-74 Executive Committee
1972-73 Program Committee Chair
1978-80 Representative to the Executive Council of the American
Psychoanalytic Association
Psychoanalytic Research Group,
Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
1968-76 Founder and Secretary
State and Local Societies
1957- Pennsylvania Medical Society
1964-70 Committee on Psychiatry and Medical Practice
1965-69 Pennsylvania State Steering Committee on Continuing
Education in Psychiatry
1957- Philadelphia Psychiatric Society
1968-69 Chair, Program Committee
1967-71 Greater Delaware Valley Regional Medical Program
Editorial Positions:
1965-75 Editorial Consultant, International Journal of Clinical and
Experimental Hypnosis
1969-71 Contributing Editor to "Pennsylvania Medicine",
published by the Pennsylvania Medical Society
1976-80 Editorial Board, Journal of the Philadelphia Association
for Psychoanalysis, 1976-80
1980-82 Editorial Board, International Journal of Psychoanalytic
1983-93 Editorial Board, Glossary on Psychoanalytic Terms &
Concepts, American Psychoanalytic Association
1985- Editorial Board, Psychoanalytic Inquiry
1989-92 Editorial Board Journal of The American
1996-98 Psychoanalytic Association
Sydney E. Pulver, M.D. Page 5
Academic and Institutional Committees:
1985- Member, Steering Committee, Psychoanalytic Cluster, Department
of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Major Teaching and Clinical Responsibilities:

  1. Participation in courses for Psychiatric Residents throughout the year.
  2. Low fee treatment for Medical School Residents and faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School/200 hours per year.
Lectures by Invitation (past five years):

  1. Panel – Chair – “Multiple Models in Clinical Practice: A Bane or a Blessing?”
  2. American Psychoanalytic Association, January 21, 2006.

  3. Panel – Moderator – “Freud in the Wider World: 150 Years of Creative Clinical
  4. and Intellectual Influence”, Psychoanalytic Association of New York,
  5. May 6, 2006.

  6. Panel – Panelist – “The Wolf Man Paints!”, Slought Foundation , November 18,
  7. 2010.
Organizing Roles in Scientific Meetings: N/A

Bibliography :

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Sydney E. Pulver, M.D. Page 6
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Sydney E. Pulver, M.D. Page 7
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  10. cv john doe format jan 2011.doc

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